Everything you need to
take control of your logistics operations.

Features for all departments

Single Sign On

Single login credentials and location to manage all your logistics operations with an unlimited number of users.

24/7 Availability

Office bound or commuting, Cubiic is cloud based, allowing access to the portal from any device at any time.


Two-way integration makes data entry a breeze. Connect multiple platforms and access them through Cubiic.

Schedule Collections

Assign, label and manifest your shipments in advance to optimise a cost-effective logistics operation.

Carrier Performance

Monitor several consignments or a single single shipment receiving ongoing updates and delivery status.

Consignment Investigations

Lodge customer service tickets directly through the portal, saving time switching from screen to screen.

Bulk Consigning & Importing

Store contacts and send memorised consignments to a prearranged collection of addressees with a single click.

Easy Search

Can’t remember a consignment number? Search invoice number, receiver name or reference number.

Track & Trace

Cubiic enables full visibility over your shipment so you, and you customer can monitor each touch point of the journey.

Whatever the situation,
Cubiic has you covered

  • Reduce freight costs through your choice of carrier
  • Customer Service portal for freight enquiries
  • Invoice reconciliatory to prevent overcharging
  • Manage carrier performance through supplier modeling
  • Minimise your DSO’s through timely POD retrieval
  • Assign business rules for correct carrier selection

Rapid, truthful pricing

Cubiic offers instant quotations and ancillary charges upfront, providing a true and accurate freight cost which helps assess real charges, whilst reducing your transport spend.

Scalable and Flexible

Regardless of whether you despatch a single consignment or thousands per day, Cubiic is designed to scale with you, so you can effortlessly grow your logistics operations.


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